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Therapy has no entry requirements – it isn’t reserved for any specific person, emotion or life event. Just wanting to feel happier, or to get know yourself better, or to have a place to talk, is more than enough to start a conversation.


And, at its heart, therapy is a conversation – one held at your pace, in your style, with a focus on you and your world. In therapy, nobody tells you what to do, judges or criticises you: instead, we work together to uncover your own voice, and to learn how to listen to it.


about me

Hello, I'm Emily. I'm an East London-based therapist specialising in helping Millennials and members of the LGBTQ+ community with all sorts of life challenges and questions.

Sometimes, I work within quite specific areas, including loss, anxiety, relationships, communication, conflict, identity, lack of direction, purpose or meaning, and LGBTQ+ issues. At other times, people come to see me because something in their life just doesn’t feel right, even if they can't quite put their finger on what. 

​I came to therapy via studying philosophy, languages and literature (as dry as that may sound!). This background continues to influence my work, as do several different schools of thought and culture (including, as a quintessential Millennial, film and TV, video games and podcasts). I have a long-held interest in how we each view ourselves and our world, and I find that art and culture can often provide us with a window into better understanding our own experience.

A focus on developing and deepening awareness is a hallmark of my practice, as it is much easier to process, accept or change things once we can understand them. Every life lived is worth examining - and through that examination, we can discover how to live a life that actually fits us well. 



Bike by River

Published by Welldoing.org July 2020

On biking, and how our thoughts about ourselves can hold us back. Apologies for the awful pun in the title: I couldn't resist

Pride Flag

Published by Welldoing.org October 2019

On the 31st anniversary of National Coming Out Day, I considered what it is like to come out in 2019


Published by Welldoing.org October 2019

An interview with Welldoing.org, in which I answered questions about how I work (and mentioned plants a lot, I notice in hindsight).




25 City Road, EC1Y 1AA

My fees are on a sliding scale between £55 and £75 per 50-minute session. I offer an initial session at a reduced fee of £50.

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