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Therapy isn’t reserved for any specific person, emotion or life event. It’s here for any one, at any time, in any circumstance. Whoever you are and whatever has led you to this site today, there is space for you in therapy.

Put simply, therapy is a place for you to talk through what's going on for you - at your pace, in your style, without anyone judging you or telling you what to do.

Talking - and being listened to - can be surprisingly powerful. As Londoners, we can be so caught up in the stresses of city life that we barely stop to hear ourselves. Therapy aims to re-set that balance, and to bring you back to yourself: once you know yourself better, it becomes easier to live a life that fits you better. 

Through talking together in therapy, we'll develop your awareness of your self, your history and your relationships. We'll notice patterns in your ways of thinking, feeling and communicating. We'll consider what brings you meaning and purpose. We'll explore what you want to be different in your life, and how to make the changes you want. Together, we'll work towards finding the right way forward for you.


about me

Hello, I'm Emily. I'm an East London-based therapist specialising in helping Millennials and members of the LGBTQ+ community with all sorts of life challenges and questions, including loss, anxiety, relationships, communication, conflict, identity, lack of direction, purpose or meaning, and LGBTQ+ issues. Often, people come to see me because they just don't feel happy, even if they can't quite put their finger on why.

I'm originally from Bristol, and have lived, studied and worked in London for over a decade. I practice as an Integrative therapist, which means that I use ideas from several different schools of thought and culture in my work. I offer a flexible approach, curated to what you want from your therapy - whether that's solutions to an immediate issue, a deeper exploration of your life, or a combination of the two. I'm a Registered Member of the BACP and I work within their Ethical Framework.

You can read more about me and the way I work in this interview from 2019



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On biking, and how our thoughts about ourselves can hold us back. Apologies for the awful pun in the title: I couldn't resist

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On the 31st anniversary of National Coming Out Day, I considered what it is like to come out in 2019


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An interview with Welldoing.org, in which I answered questions about how I work (and mentioned plants a lot, I notice in hindsight).




25 City Road, EC1Y 1AA

My fees are on a sliding scale between £55 and £75 per 50-minute session. I offer an initial session at a reduced fee of £50.

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